Restaurant Week: My Latest Rant

So, my latest (sort of) rant has been completed about restaurants participating in New York Restaurant Week [#NYRW] without a decent social media presence.

The genesis of the semi-rant is the fact that there’s a bunch of us from the online world getting together to document our #NYRW experiences and we’d like our documentation to be conversational in nature. Since it’s hard to converse (NOT CONVERSATE) with air nor a brick wall, I decided to talk about it on Twitter. Additionally, since it’s not always easy to follow a veritable soliloquy in sub-140 character segments I am enlisting, for the first time, the help of Twitter’s embedded tweets to make more sense of my general ramblings thoughts.

By the way, “rewa” is supposed to be “reqs”. Damn you touchscreen auto-correct. Anyhoo, let’s resume…

Do you have any thoughts on this?


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