Twitter must do better…

We’ve all seen this before—the infamous failwhale. It often shows up at inopportune times. In recent history, you see it less and less, which is good. The only problem is now, as recent as this past weekend, we’ve been seeing this more often which is MUCH worse.

When something in pop culture takes place a considerate percentage of the masses flock to Twitter to comment, voice opinions and perform various forms of verbal shenanigry. However, this past Sunday, during NFL Championship Week, many people, including your favorite neighborhood firestarter here, had quite a few issues when Twitter was broken.

For an hour, many tweeps had issues tweeting and keep in mind, this was ONLY Championship week. The big game, Super Bowl XLVI, can expect a decided increase in blue bird traffic. People are sure to be tweeting about the game, hashtagging #SBXLVI (NFL, feel free to use this as the Official Hashtag of the Super Bowl and don’t forget to display it on the screen for all the viewers to see), @-ing players and more so advertisers in order to talk about their commercials resulting in a much larger number of people interacting with the blue bird. Combine this with the host city of Indianapolis looking to communicate and help attendees communicate better through popular social media channels and the rate by which Twitter ran last Sunday will not be sufficient.

I hope the good folks at Twitter have thought about this, but I would gladly like to reinforce the idea that this weekend that contains the NFL Pro Bowl, Screen Actors’ Guild Awards and WWE Royal Rumble, all events that major but separate segments of society will be paying attention to around the same time, would be a perfect time to test their parameters of capacity. The cleaner they get through this weekend, the more they’ll be prepared for Super Bowl Sunday where a broken Twitter can be a break from which it would be very hard to recover.


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