Social Media Week 2012: The I Have A Tweet Speech


Social Media Week 2012 has come and [unfortunately] gone and overall, I had a blast. My live tweeting sessions were quite expansive outside of a couple or maybe a few panels. Though no one, including myself, could expect that every panel would be incredible, amazing or any other laudatory adjective, while I would describe the conference, as a WHOLE, with the use of recommendatory verbiage, there were a couple of panels whose blatant selling tactics rubbed me the wrong way and thus, led to one of my rants.

Please allow me to make you realize—my rant is NOT in any way against Social Media Week. As a matter of fact, it is my belief that I was stating points of the weeklong conference with which the good folks at Crowdcentric would agree. I soon found out that many of the people that attended agreed too.

As I mentioned earlier, the tweets listed above were spurred by significant portions of two   ONLY TWO   panel discussions. Being that there were hundreds of Social Media Week driven discussions, I’d say their percentage of good would make anybody proud.

I can’t wait for next year!

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